UpperLayer Web App (2015)

UpperLayer is a business intelligence tool for telecom companies that allow them to get insights of the performance of their networks, through raw metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). UpperLayer is a software as a service (SaaS) that combines information from multiple networks (2G, 3G and 4G) and from different vendors (Ericsson and Huawei) in one web application to enhance data analysis.

For this project I was responsible for the development of the frontend using AngularJS, Yeoman, SASS, Bootstrap, Git and some Javascript libraries.

This app is currently under development. Below, screenshots of the system showing fake data.

Screenshot from 2015-04-17 18:48:00
Dashboard with drag and drop interface
Screenshot from 2015-04-17 18:52:05
Dashboard completely configurable (widgets’ size and position)
Screenshot from 2015-04-17 18:52:49
Configurable for maximum visualization


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David Barreto is a Javascript Developer with a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineer and a Master's degree in Systems Engineering. He is passionate about developing web apps, teaching programming, discovering new technologies and learning all about software development methodologies. He currently works at Rangle.io in Toronto.

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