MiAlarma.com (2011)

MiAlarma.com was a website developed for a client to showcase their business. The site was developed using Symfony, PHP and MySQL on the Backend and jQuery in the frontend. The homepage had a custom animation made in flash with ActionScript.

MiAlarma.com - Home - CCTV
Homepage Flash Banner (CCTV)
MiAlarma.com - Home - Alarmas
Homepage Flash Banner (Alarms)
MiAlarma.com - Home - Notificación
Homepage Flash Banner (Monitoring)
MiAlarma.com - Servicios - Mantenimiento
Website Section: Maintenance Service
MiAlarma.com - Empresa - Organización
Website Section: Organization
MiAlarma.com - Reporte de Pagos
Payment Report Form
MiAlarma.com - Presupuesto Online (cut)
Online Budget: Dynamic website that calculates the total amount of money, time, financing plans, etc.

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David Barreto

David Barreto is a Javascript Developer with a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineer and a Master's degree in Systems Engineering. He is passionate about developing web apps, teaching programming, discovering new technologies and learning all about software development methodologies. He currently works at Rangle.io in Toronto.